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CARB Hall of Fame & Museum

The CARB Hall of Fame and Museum is now located in the Kansas City Automotive Museum, 15095 W. 116th Street,  Olathe, KS 66062.

For admission, directions or other information, please visit www.carbhallof fame.com or www.kansascityautomuseum.com


Hall of Fame Induction The 2017 inductees are: Gary Ainsworth Sr., Jack Belk, Bob Burns,

Jesse Hockett, Billy Deckman, Duane Issacs, Fred “Goober” Reneau, and Dave Wall.

To nominate someone for the 2018 Class, complete the nomination form; nomination-form-front-05-16 / nonimation-form-back-05-16  and send it in today.



President – Karen Darling – r.kdarling@yahoo.com – (660)-886-3989

Vice President – Linda Howell – lshowell@kc.rr.com – (816)-786-2488

Secretary – Cindy Layne – cindylayne29@gmail.com – (816)-519-8860

Treasurer – Carla Layne – bobby01@kc.rr.com – (816)-476-7223

Board of Directors

Debbie Bergman – debra.bergman@sbcglobal.net – (913)-683-2390

Chris Carpenter – outlawracing33@yahoo.com – (913)-306-6511

Rick Darling – r.kdarling@yahoo.com – (660)-886-3989

Bud Hunnicutt (Honorary) – budkeet@att.net – (816)-331-2220

Bobby Layne – bobby01@kc.rr.com – (816)-476-7223

John Layne – johnlayne81@gmail.com – (816)-520-8522

Brenda Johnson – bksracing3@gmail.com – (913)-396-1770

Randy Sears – r.jsears@yahoo.com – (816)-392-6118

Darin Woodward – (816) 550-8623


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