ARTICLE IV: MEMBERSHIP FEES AND DUES The dues shall be payable in advance upon application for new membership, and due on the first of the month in which the anniversary falls for current members. Dues prices will be $15.00 for single year membership.   CARB Membership Form

Send membership dues to the Membership Secretary Bob Reber at 8613 Winchester, Kansas City, MO 64138 or call Bob at 816-665-4987. To be a member we need your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address if you have one.



A Lifetime, Paid-up C.A.R.B. Membership can be given to a C.A.R.B. member in good standing who has given their time, interest, and dedicated service promoting the continuance of C.A.R.B.

Pat Backlund
Debbie Bergman
Tom Charles
Dee Dee Charles
Joan Ellis
Jeff Eller
Diana Green
J.D. Green
Jeanne Hauer
Rodney Hawkins
Kathy Heritage
Dixie Kaster
Merlan Ketchum
Don Marrant
Jim Penney
Tutti Penney
Jamie Powell
Bob Reber

Heather Reber
Sharon Reber

Carrie Richardson
Skip Richardson
Kathryn Van Meter
Ron Westerhold